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Pen Holder



Brand New HQ Pen Holder For Cutting Plotter Vinyl Cutter
Brand new, good quality.

Pen Holder, Blade Holder and Blades are compatible with most Roland, Copam, Omnisign, Rabbit, Laserpoint, Redsail, USCutter and Seiki brand cutters, as well as most China made vinyl cutters that use a Roland style blade holder.

This pen holder is compatible with most cutters/ plotters. Please measure your holder if you are not sure.

◆ Color: Silver
◆ Condition: Brand new
◆ Diameter :12mm ± 1mm
◆ Length from the ring to tip : 32 mm ± 1 mm. With a pen refill.
◆ Keep the refill stretch out of the holder within 4 mm to 5 mm.


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