RS6090  CNC Router Floor Model



Model ~ RS6090 (Floor Model)

The main feature of this floor model cnc-router is the small and simple structure under the special spindle design. Various materials can be applied by the machine, such as PVC, Acrylic, wood, PCB, even some soft metal like aluminum and copper. With a higher 1.5k spindle this model is able to not only engrave but cut through some soft metals.

In addition, the machine can achieve the performance of good resolution and less noise with ball screw.


Worktable Size ~ 23″ x 35″
Max Moving Speed (mm/min) ~ 8000
Max Machining Speed (mm/min) ~ 4000
Machine Precision ~ 0.02
Repeatablility ~ ≤0.05mm
XYZ Guide ~ Rolling Ball Screw
Gantry Height ~ 3.9″
Drive type ~ Stepper Motor System
Driver ~ SR4 /SR8
Spindle (W) ~ 1.5W
Spindle Speed (RPM) ~ 0 – 24000
Spindle Tools ~ ф3.715/ф6
Command Code ~ HP-GL, G-code
Power Supply ~ 220V/50HZ
Interface ~ NC Studio or DSP Handle
Suction Device ~ Diameter 3.1″
Water Tank ~ 1.5-201 Stainless Steel
N.W ~ 551 lbs
G.W ~ 771 lbs
Machine Dimension ~ 55″ x 44″ x 49″
Packing Dimensions ~ 59″ x 49″ x 56″
Warranty ~ 12 Months (6 Months for Spindle)

$4,599.00 CDN

Price does not include taxes or shipping from China to your address. Delivery is approx 45 – 50 days. Email for a quote with shipping (please provide shipping address in your email).


· X, Y, Z axis of our machine use a Rolling Screw Ball  which has longer using-life and higher accuracy, reliable part.
· We use 24000 rpm 1.5W industry Air cooling spindle which has long lifetime. This Spindle is very stable with good quality.
· We use the industry standard 1.5KW inverter
· We use industry standard motor stepper driver, the max current and voltage is 4A/48V, the max micro-step is 128 step, which is important to produce good work.
· The machine can achieve the performance of good resolution and less noise.

 Standard accessories

· User Manual (CD in English Version)
· NCStudio / DSP handle
· Communication cable
· Power cable
· Clamp and square nut: 4 sets
· Wrench: 2 pieces
· Bit: 8 pieces (6 pieces Flat bottom bits, 2 pieces Two spiral flute bits,)
· Tool Holder

Support Software:

SignCut CNC Routers are easy to learn and operate, the control system of CNC Router is compatible with Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Ucancam V9 and so on.

Design software is not included in the price


RS6090 Floor Model CNC Router has a wide range of application. It is used to engrave and cut on acrylic, plastic, PVC, wooden board, PCB, stone, brass, aluminum etc.

The 1.5W  RS6090 CNC can cut many materials, such as, cut through 3-5mm acrylic one time, 5mm MDF, general wood (not hardwood) 10mm, speed will be 1m / min, PVC hardness is quite different more, not well defined, the hardest estimate is also the parameters of acrylic. If you want to cut thicker material, you can layer it, you can have the second pass to cut through.

The 1.5K CNC recommends that the depth of engraving aluminum be within 3mm, and the speed is recommended to be within 1m/min. It will cut through 2 – 3 mm of aluminum.

Warranty, Service and Return Policy:

Please check our Warranty, Service and Return Policy under ‘Contact Us’

SignCut will provide on site training for our machines at an additional cost to be determined on an individual basis. Signcut does not provide ongoing support for software after initial training, you must contact the software company.


We accept Cash (for pick up orders at the warehouse), Email Money Transfers (EMT), Bank Drafts, and Visa/Mastercard (3% processing fee will be added to total credit card invoices for CNC Router’s, Laser Engravers and any special orders). We also offer financing.


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